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Meet our team

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General manager

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Office manager

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Production Manager

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Administrative assistant

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Production employee & office employee

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Production employee & warehouse manager

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Administrative assist



Production employee



Production employee



Production employee

In due course, this page will provide a timeline of all the important events that have shaped the A. Dugast BV brand into what it is today.

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Sales Manager Vittoria Northern Europe

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Sales Promoter Vittoria BeNeLux & Germany

A. Dugast was founded in 1972 by André Dugast, a Frenchman who lived near Paris. Unique to André Dugast's business was that his products were not sent by post, and he did not accept payment afterwards. The tires could only be picked up at a post office near André Dugast's house, so he was not bothered by snoopers. Or he showed up at a race, unexpectedly, with a order for a rider. The order had to be paid cash, if you did not have enough cash with you, he took your order back home. 

André Dugast worked utterly alone, did not have his own moulds for the different treads and worked uniquely. Richard Nieuwhuis offered a solution for many riders who wanted to order tires from A. Dugast. Richard was captivated by the cycling world and has worked with bicycles all his life. He also worked in France during his career in the cycling industry, which allowed him to collect tires from André Dugast and then bring them to the riders. In 2001 Richard got into a conversation with André where the tire specialist asked him to take over A. Dugast. After some thought, Richard decided to take over the company in 2002 and execute his vision for the company.

A lot of things have changed since Richard took over A Dugast. Richard's main goal was to modernize the company, increase brand awareness, and to perform most of the production in-house. The special delivery method of André Dugast soon became a thing of the past, Richard used the help of transport companies to deliver the products to the customer's home. The first official A Dugast tread, the Typhoon, was presented to the market in 2003. Richard and his team have optimized the classic allround tread by adding a  so-called radius control. The production of A Dugast tubes was moved from France to Deurningen, a small town in the east of the Netherlands. It soon became clear that Richard's way of thinking had a positive influence on A Dugast's brand awareness, and the chosen production unit quickly became too small. This created difficulties during the production process and it was necessary to look for a larger workspace that offered the opportunity to further grow the brand.

During the search for the new building, many different new construction projects were looked at. During a conversation with a contractor, a production hall in Hengelo (a city in the east of the Netherlands) was discussed. Initially, the intention was to use this production hall as an interim solution until a concrete plan for a new production hall was drawn up. Because the switch to a larger space was necessary, it was soon decided to move to the production hall in Hengelo and to continue searching from there. In addition to a new production hall, plenty of time and money was also invested in the design of new Dugast tyres. The well-known cyclocross treads were soon developed, in addition to the Typhoon it became possible to order the Rhino for mud courses, and the Pipisquallo, Pipistrello and Small Bird for courses with a wet surfaces and sand courses. Mountain bike and track treads were also developed and produced.

It has been more than a year since we became part of the Vittoria Group! On 04 May 2021, the Vittoria Group announced that A Dugast, supplier of many World Champions, had become part of their Group. Since this announcement, many new ideas have already been developed. For example, we have joined forces for various projects;

- A limited edition tubular has been developed in collaboration with L'Eroica in both 2021 and 2022.
- The Paris Roubaix tires for Team Jumbo Visma have an A. Dugast casing on which a Vittoria tread is glued.

- Knowledge of both R&D departments is shared to improve both production lines and to produce even better and more sustainable tyres.

On June 15, 2022, the Vittoria Group opened a new head office for A. Dugast and Vittoria Northern Europe. This new building offers A. Dugast the necessary opportunities, both for marketing, R&D, and to increase the production, and provides the opportunity to Vittoria Northern Europe to receive guests and relations and show the process and test the products.

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