How to pull old treads off the casing?

1.     Put the tyre for at least 3 hours at room temperature (at least 20˚) so that it becomes very supple.

2.     Take with your nail the side of the tread off the casing until it’s off for +/- 0,5 cm.

3.     Take the part that is loose and pull it more off the casing for about 5 cm at that side.

4.     Push slowly with your thumb under the tread so that you come out at the other side of the tread.

5.     Put the tread over your thumb and pull it off the casing piece by piece (1-2 cm at once) until the total tread is loose.

6.     Undo the tread of loose pieces of glue.

!! don’t use any aggressive liquids to pull off the glue otherwise the tread cannot be used anymore !!


When can I use which type of tyre?
  • Typhoon: This is an allround tyre that can be used on nearly all type of course, both wet and dry.

  • Pipistrello: on a dry or sandy course.

  • Rhino: on a muddy or slippery course.

  • Pipisquallo : on a dry course, grass or sand, where you need a little more grip in the curves

  • Small Bird: on a slippery course, but no deep mud


Which width can I use?

The width of the tyre that you use depends on your weight. We advise:

  • < 50 kg: 30 mm

  • < 85 kg: 32 mm

  • > 85 kg: 34 mm

The width also depends on your personal preference and the course.

What is the difference between cotton and flying doctor?

The Flying doctor casing makes it possible that you don’t get the feeling that your tyre rolls off the rim, which allows you to take the curves faster with a low tyre pressure. The flying doctor casing also offers you a better protection against flats because of stones or glass and the casing is 10 g lighter as the normal cotton casing.


Can you repair cyclocross tyres?

Yes, that’s possible, but we only repair Dugast tyres. We can repair them in a few ways:

  • Glue the inner tube – only for small holes and only if the casing is still good and not too old.

       € 3,50 – VAT and transport not included.

  • New inner tube – only if the casing is still good and not too old.

       € 13,50 – VAT and transport not included.


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