Can I have the tread of a clincher tyre glued on Dugast casing?

Yes, that is possible. You need to send the complete clincher tyre to A. Dugast BV – Het Elferman 10 – 7591 WB Denekamp – Netherlands. Please add a little note to the box with your name, contact details (address, e-mail and phone number) and your order. Not all clincher treads can be put on a tubular tyre, so please contact us before shipping anything.


How can I compare the width of the Dugast tubular tyres to the width in inches of the traditional clincher tyres?

45 mm = 1.9 – 2.0: this depends on the manufacturer
47 mm = 2.1 – this can also vary according to the manufacturer


Can I put liquid (latex) in the tubular tyres?

As a preventive: no: there is a risk that if you don’t use the tyres for a while, the sides of the inner tube glue together.

To repair: Yes, Joe's Super Sealant can repair small flats. Most other products don’t work or haven’t been tested by us.

Can a flat MTB tubular tyre be repaired?

Yes, if the casing is still good, we can place a new inner tube. The price for this repair is EUR 13,50 plus VAT and transport. If you put a liquid (latex) in the inner tube, it might not be possible to repair.


Can I have a used MTB tread glued on a new casing?

Yes, that is possible but only if you send us just the tread.   

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