When and why using the Paris Roubaix tyres?
  • The Paris Roubaix tyre is the ideal tyre to use in the spring season. The reason is that the weather conditions are often uncertain. The Paris Roubaix tyre is specially developed to use in less good weather conditions.

  • Because of the higher volume of the tyre, you can use it with less tyre pressure. The advantage of this is that, because of the larger tyre, you have less risk to slip on an rough surface or on small stones on the road.

  • A lot of the actual carbon rims are larger than 21,5 mm. With these rims you’ll get an excellent comfort using a 23 mm tyre or larger. This tyre won’t give you a higher rolling resistance, but will give you a higher speed using the same resistance.


Cotton or silk?
  • The silk tyres will give you more pleasure because of the lower rolling resistance.

  • The cotton tyres give less risks on a puncture than the silk tyre.


When to use which width? 
  • 22 mm - on a nice, smooth road when the weather is dry. You need to make sure that the rim isn’t wider than the tyre.

  • 23 – 24 mm: an allround tyre, that fits in nearly every frame.

  • 25 mm: this will give you more comfort, but doesn’t fit in every frame.

  • 27 mm: on a bad road or in bad weather conditions.


When using Speed Diamond Silk or cotton tyres?
  • Only on good, smooth roads.

  • You can make the difference with the higher pressure.

  • This is the perfect tyre for time trials when the weather is good.

What is the lifetime of the road tyres?
  • The life time of the tyres always refer to the lifetime of the tread.

  • Strada cotton or Silk: 2000 – 2500 km

  • Paris Roubaix Cotton or silk: 3000 – 3500 km

  • Speed Diamond cotton or Silk: 700 – 800 km

How long are the valves of the road tyres?

All road tyres have a removable valve of 38 mm. If you would like to have a longer valve, you can add a valve extender to your order. Our valve extenders are 25 mm long and are compatible with our road, cross and track tyres.

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