Diamond or Latex?  
  • The diamond tread is an excellent tread for tactical races, where rolling resistant is less important, like for example races behind a derny or the points race.

  • The latex tread is an excellent tread for races in which every second counts, like for example the keirin and the sprint.


Cotton or silk?
  • The silk tyres will give you more pleasure because of the lower rolling resistance.

  • The cotton tyres give less risks on a puncture than the silk tyre.


What is the lifetime of the track tyres?

The life time of the tyres always refer to the lifetime of the tread.

  • The lifetime of the diamond tread is about 2000 km, if the tubular is used on a good track.

  • The lifetime of the latex tread is at least 350 – 400 km, if the tubular is used on a smooth track. On a concrete track the lifetime is very low.

How long are the valves of the track tyres?

All road tyres have a removable valve of 38 mm. If you would like to have a longer valve, you can add a valve extender to your order. Our valve extenders are 25 mm long and are compatible with our road, cross and track tyres.  


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