How to glue tyres?

1) Give the tyre a pressure of 0,5 to 1 bar and put it on a new rim.

2) Sand the rim with rough sandpaper.

3) Put a thin layer of glue on the rim.

4) Let this dry for 24 hours.

5) Put a second, thicker, layer of glue on the complete rim.

6) Let this dry again during 24 hours.

7) Check if the radius of the tyre is the same as the radius of the rim (as in the drawing). If this is the case, please go to step 8.

If this is not the case:

(as in the drawing)

a) Put another layer of glue and push the small rim tape in the glue. Attention: the tape cannot be to large (only between 6 and 9 mm).

b) Let everything dry for 24 hours.

c) Put another layer of glue on the tape.

d) Let everything dry for 24 hours.


8) Get the tyre off the rim and control the pressure                  

(between 0,5 and 1 bar).

9) Put a thin layer of glue on the base tape of the tyres    

(as in the drawing).

10) Put a layer of glue on the rim.

11) Put the tyre on the rim. Pay attention: the wheel always has to stay upright position with the hole of the valave at the top. Then put the tyre on the rim: Begin at the top and then push the tyre (always with the same force!) to the bottom. Turn the wheel upside down and pull the last part of the tyre onto the rim.

12) Give the tyre a pressure of about 2 bar.

13) Centre the tyre until the tread is in a straight line with the wheel.

14) Control if the base tape appears at both sides of the rim. If not, turn the tire in a way that it does. 

15) Remove the glue that you still see between the tire and the rim with a towel. Please be careful and don't use gasoline or similar products.

16) Let everything dry for 24 hours.

17) We advise you to put Aquasure on the tyre. (not for track tyres)

a) Put the plastic glove on which you find in the box.

b) Put the tube of Aquasure in a vertical way onto the side of the tyre.

c) Put a tiny layer over the complete length and of the sidewall with your gloved finger or with the brush..

d) Spread the product over the tyre between the rim and the tread..

e) Repeat this for the other side.

f) We advise to put some Aquasure around the valve hole.

g) Let everything dry for 10 hours.





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