A tyre for an extremely fast track. Because of the open diamonds in the middle, you always keep a good grip on sandy subsoil as well as on a subsoil of grass. Because of the two lines at the side (radius control), you ride easily though the sand. The tread is only available for a Dugast casing.

While ordering you can choose the color, width of the tubular, width of the base tape, type of casing add an optional neoprene coating and choose the profile rubber mix.

  • Technical specifications

    • Widths: 30, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38mm. 26" & 28".
    • Pressure: 1.8 - 3.5 bar.
    • Weight (32 mm): 365g.
  • Flying Doctor

    The Flying doctor casing makes it possible that you don’t get the feeling that your tyre rolls off the rim, which allows you to take the curves faster with a low tyre pressure. The flying doctor casing also offers you a better protection against flats because of stones or glass and the casing is 10 g lighter as the normal cotton casing.

  • Wheel diameter

    We produce our cyclocross tyres regularly in 28". On special requests we also produce 26" cyclocross tyres. If you need a 26", please mention this at the end of your order.

  • Large rim = large base tape

    We also offer the cyclocross tyres with a wider base tape that will fit better if you have a larger rim. This is an option you can select while ordering. The base tape is adjusted to your larger rim so that it fits smoother. The larger base tape of the tubular will protect the sidewall of your tubular better against snakebites.
    We offer 3 different widths of the basetape for:

    • Up to max. 23 mm wide rims (regular base tape)
    • Between 23 and 27 mm wide rims (large base tape)
    • Between 27 and 32 mm wide rims (extra large base tape)
  • Neoprene coating

    We have been testing quite a while with a neoprene coating for our tyres. This means that you don’t need to use Aquasure anymore. The coating is applied during the production process, so that you don’t need to calculate time to apply aquasure after gluing either. The coating is very thin and does not influence the functionality and / or the comfort of the tubulars. It is important that you do wash the tubulars after using (with water and/or soap – but no aggressive products) and let them dry in room temperature (about 20 degrees).

  • 11Storm profile

    New, softer rubber mix. This rubber has a lower rolling resistance, more grip and is more comfortable to ride. We have tested this rubber for over 2 years and the test results have been very positive. The name of the rubber mix is mentioned on the sidewall of the tubular, so that it is easy to recognize the tubulars that have this rubber. Because the more expensive development, material and production costs, this tubular costs a little more compared to the regular rubber.

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Color of the casing