Pro competition track tyre for top events. The thickness of the latex tread is only 15% of that of a vulcanised tread. The combination of thin tread and no sidewall protection results in an extremely low rolling resistance and perfect acceleration. The red colour and latex with cotton mix guarantee excellent riding characteristics on a smooth track. (Use wheel bags during transport.)

The piste latex cotton light has a lighter inner tube and a thinner base tape, so that the weight is extremely low. The lighter inner tube needs to be inflated more often because he looses more pressure.


This tyre is available with natural skin colored (white) or black casing.

Piste Latex Cotton Light

color of the casing
    • Width: 18-20-22-23 mm, 28”.
    • Pressure: 9 - 12 bar.
    • Weight (22mm): 165g


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