Competition tyre for mud courses. Tread with extreme high studs for excellent grip. Because of the design of the tread, the mud doesn’t stick at it. In spite of the open structure of the tread, the tyre has a low rolling resistance. The tread is only available for a Dugast casing.



While ordering you can choose the color, width of the tubular, width of the base tape, type of casing, type of profile rubber and optional neoprene coating.


Width of the base tape / rim
Color of the casing
Neoprene coating
11Storm profile
  • We also offer the cyclocross tyres with a wider base tape that will fit better if you have a larger rim. This is an option you can select while ordering. The base tape is adjusted to your larger rim so that it fits smoother. The larger base tape of the tubular will protect the sidewall of your tubular better against snakebites.
    We offer 3 different widths of the basetape for:


    • up to max. 23 mm wide rims (regular base tape)
    • between 23 and 27 mm wide rims (large base tape)
    • Between 27 and 32 mm wide rims (extra large base tape)

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