Pro competition time-trial tyre for dry road surfaces. The special silk fibre provides better traction and extra comfort at high tyre pressures, resulting in an extremely low rolling resistance. The tread provides excellent grip on dry and well paved road surfaces. The tyre is available with a cotton or silk casing.


All our road tyres have a neoprene coating on the sidewalls to protect agains water.


Speed Diamond

Color casing
Wheel diameter
  • Widths: 18-20-22-23-24 mm, 26” en 28”.

    Pressure: 8 t/m 12 bar.
    Weight (22 mm silk) : 223 g


  • We have been testing quite a while with a neoprene coating for our tyres. This means that you don’t need to use Aquasure anymore. The coating is applied during the production process, so that you don’t need to calculate time to apply aquasure after gluing either. The coating is very thin and does not influence the functionality and / or the comfort of the tubulars. It is important that you do wash the tubulars after using (with water and/or soap – but no aggressive products) and let them dry in room temperature (about 20 degrees).

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