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The Secret to Getting Accepted into Your Dream Grad School

When I was applying to grad schools, I found the entire process to be very time-consuming: essays, GRE, TOEFL (for international students), financial statements, letters of recommendations, additional paperwork, emails, phone calls, etc. The entire process can take weeks, months, sometimes even years! It is often times hard to stay motivated and driven when facing a cascade of deadlines.

My secret to handling all the pressure was simple. I just never stop believing that all of my hard work, invested time and energy would eventually pay off. Every day I imagined myself being admitted to my dream graduate school until …. it eventually happened

I believe that the Universe always reciprocates to us. I believe that the energy and time I spend when working on something (including this blog), do not go in vain. According to no matter where you are in the world, whether you are poor or rich, religious or not, black or white, I want you to believe that you can make your dreams come true! If you put in the effort, energy and time, the Universe will respond. You just have to believe in it.


While it might seem obvious, not so many people elaborate or even mention this issue in their applications.

FOCUS on Impact. When you are developing your essays, explain to the admissions committee how this M.A. or Ph.D. will not only benefit you and your professional career but also your community, city, region, country, the entire world. Show that you are committed to changing other people’s lives for the better, that you are ambitious enough to solve the greatest challenges that your community or country is facing… If you are studying chemistry or medicine, you can talk about your dream to develop a drug that will help people live longer; if you want to be a policy maker, you can talk about the issues you hope to resolve or address once elected. Again, according to law help service show the impact you can make with your Degree. I am determined to research and compare the demise of authoritarianism and transitions to democracy in the post-Soviet area and Latina America. Specifically, I am planning to focus on external triggers of democratization within these regions and local conflicts that go along with regimes break.

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