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UDTeSchool is a one-of-a-kind School managementsystem that is entirely automated. Our application thrives on bringingstudents, teachers, parents and the management together on the same seam. All the functionalities and roles are purely independent of any sort of bulky or costly hardware. It works smoothly on any minimal configured handheld devices.The mobile and web application is to create a user-friendly and easily accessible platform to every individual accessing our platform Online Class software. We at UDTeSchool assist schools and managements to simultaneously manage school work and activity of every viable domain, thus creating a user-friendly environment and integrating advanced technology within the process of schooling.Some of the top schools around India like Little Millennium, Presidium, Mother’s Pride,Shemford Futuristic School, Mount Litera Zee School, Delhi Public School, Greenway Modern School, Alpine Convent School, GurugramPublic School, CambridgeSchool and over 1100 and more schools have enrolled with us. One hundred fifty and more cities have been covered by the UDTeSchool team, over 2,30,000 students are benefitting from our application with over 6,00,000 users and more becoming a part of our system.


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