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On our website you will find an overview of products manufactured and sold by us. All our tubulars are developed inside by ourselves and are 100% handmade in the Netherlands. You can order all our products directly from us, we offer you a large choice for width and wheel diameter of the tubulars. If you have any questions or remarks, you might find an answer on our website, if not you can always use the contact form to ask us. We hope you like our website.




In 2002 Richard Nieuwhuis has taken over  the brand A. Dugast from the French founder. Since then the company has been expanded to what our company is today. Starting with zero own treads, we now offer a lot of different treads, all designed by ourselves, that can be combined with different casings. The base is still a tubular that has been made out of natural materials, but the tubular has been further developed, so that every element of the tubular has strongly improved the last few years, both regarding treads and casings.


Our philosophy is to try to deliver a top product. Therefore all our tubulars are fully handmade and we produce 100% in the Netherlands. Furthermore the client is king in our company, we try to work as flexible as possible. Would you like to order a tubular that we don’t have in stock? Often we can produce this in a short term. Maybe you need a product that is not in our standard range? You can always contact us to know what possibilities there are, maybe we can offer you a solution.                             

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On our FAQ page you can find questions and answers for the following categories: General , Cross , Mountain bike , Track & Road .


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